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Over recent months, I have had to sort through my parents’ possessions.  Together my wife and my sister, it has really opened up my eyes to their life to date.  They needed to move into aged care late last year and as a result we needed to clear their home and prepare it for sale.  The home was a large house that I grew up in and where they lived in for 45 years.

This process has really helped me better appreciate who they are and what they lived experiences have been.  It has helped me fill out my impressions of them and better appreciate all the different dimensions of their character and their lives.  As time has gone on, looking through the photos, it has been uplifting.  To think of what was going on in their lives at various times, how their personalities shaped that time or event.

So too with our working relationships, our family relationships and in daily life.  Sometimes we don’t always look into who the person is that we are working with.  Often unable to appreciate who they really are – what I like to think of as the 3 dimensions of the person.  Often, we only see one dimension at work, unless we delve deeper.  What is happening outside of work, what have their life experiences been like and what has brought them to here now.

In interviewing people for roles that I was hiring for.  It was always so positive for me, taking the time, to learn who they are.  What brought them to this meeting, how did they emerge into adulthood from school.  Sometimes surprising them, okay let’s start from when you left school, ahh okay, that was at least twenty years ago…

I do find it fascinating in my work with businesses, leaders and business owners, learning from others and helping them learn and develop.  If you think about our work, it’s such a such a wasted opportunity not to learn more about someone.  To better appreciate someone, their talents and what they love to do.  How they can make a difference. I think such a such a great opportunity.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s it is just too easy to let it go and sometimes when you spend a little bit longer talking, you linger a little bit longer on something that’s important to you or to them.  It could be it could be exciting to be insightful and it can create a lasting connection and hopefully a better a better day and a richer experience

Social Distancing, working remotely, in many instances has made us more isolated, feel more vulnerable.  This has impacted our work teams, perhaps breaking down that connection, that sharing.  Research from Gallup has shown part of belonging to a workplace is that sense of connection.  That someone cares about us and we have a confidant at work.  Maybe we can be that person.

Recently, I have been booking calls to reconnect with people that I have worked with previously, it is has been fantastic, learning how much their work has changed and how they are moving forward.  If you would like to speak, please feel welcome to book a call, or in those rare instances, grab a coffee.  https://calendly.com/adamcallender

Photo credit Tim Mossholder Unsplash