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What is Virtual Selling?

When we think of virtual selling, we start thinking about augmented or virtual Reality, we start thinking of futuristic Science Fiction movies.

However, really we have been selling virtually ever since catalogues were posted to customers in the hope that they would order something through the post since that time the telephone has helped us with virtual selling email and particularly websites whereby customers can go and help themselves and when customers are telephone they can reference or anchor their understanding through materials received through:

  • Websites, providing a roadmap
  • Video conferencing to talk through the information available and ways to experience it in assisting important decisions,
  • Podcasts, interviews and discussions of interesting areas, segments of 5-10 minutes are great,
  • Videos, interviews, walk arounds,
  • Webinars ideal for slide based education, talking to electronic information.
  • Articles, great for anecdotal exploration,
  • white papers exploring the key issues of the area, what customers typically experience,
  • brochures, key options provided,
  • virtual tours, giving insights of look and feel,
  • automated design tools, for customisation.

Done well, it is a bit like conducting an orchestra from home.

Having broken down the sales process and looked at where F2F can or needs to be moved to virtual:

  1. what are core elements that will engage and interest them?
  2. What will help give them compelling information sought in an efficient and effective way?
  3. How can the client journey be curated in a thoughtful way?

One that can exceed their expectations.

Addressing these areas will be helpful in getting our sales process back on track and able to deal with challenges like those associated with the C-19 Pandemic.  It is also an opportunity to excel in helping build business through a compelling sales experience.

Have you thought about where you can start virtualising your sales process?