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What is the problem of Virtual Sales?

What’s the problem with selling so when we can’t see our customers face-to-face (F2F) we are really challenged.  I know as a communicator, I am best F2F, when I can see over Video, when I can see the reaction from the customer or audience. Reading the body language of the person I’m talking to – are they interested and asking questions? Or are they bored or rolling their eyes?  If they are distracted, I know I know that there is this something that I’m doing that’s wrong and without this awareness, it is hard to know.  It’s very hard to understand. 

So our virtual selling needs to be able to be really engaging, it has to be something that the customer really seeks what we provide.  It must be carefully tailored about what our customer really wants, what they are they seeking from us, what is going to help them in their decision. 

Through ongoing feedback, the education process may need to speed up, where we need to and slow it down where desired.  So that we are not losing them through the process and without a really clear understanding of what they want and the only way we can understand them is through appropriate use of questioning to help step through what sort of information will help.  Unless we using these questions we are guessing and assumptions are often the parent of all mistakes.

I see some great phone-based photography from time to time, using gimbal style handles, thus steadying the walk-through experience, carefully considering the lighting needs and the overall impression sought to be left. 

Have you experimented with replacing the F2F experience?