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So what is the question?

Coaching, mentoring and facilitating daily, I welcome questions, what ever they may contain. I am happy to ask my own questions.

In recent weeks, working with Directors of an awesome business, we had been cracking on through our agenda in a Mentoring session, that I always look forward to and is always productive and insightful. However there was a period of silence and then the question came up.

It was a question around wellbeing, specifically mental wellbeing and dealing with challenges to our mental wellbeing. I silently applauded the confidence to share this question with me.

With many, perhaps most of my Coachees and Mentees, myself included, can find themselves challenged by life. As a paid up member of the Sandwich generation – kids in school and infirmed parents.  I believe that I am susceptible to the hits as anyone.

We all hit the wall. Grief, anxiety, sudden change, a strong sense of loss and an inability to be at our peak every day. To feel ourselves. To lift ourselves up, especially so after pushing ourselves beyond our physical and mental capability, alternatively in the face of life changing events.

Early in my leadership journey, my boss called me out, asking me if I was cutout for this, it was a fair question. I cab be painfully authentic. He described a good day as when the majority of things 51% or better went well. Here we are over 10 years later, that was probably a fair insight.

There is an art to navigating life with our wellbeing in mind and it helps to have confidants on ourside. I hope we can all be as forthright, as clear sighted, to speak about how we are navigating the ups and downs of life. Of how we feel.

To recognise the link between our physical and mental wellbeing.

To look after ourselves, to show self compassion.

It is to be applauded.

What I do

Adam works with emerging and established leaders in technical markets, being passionate about balancing hard and soft skills to harness to talents of the individuals and team. Creating outstanding leadership through self-awareness, seizing and developing talents in others, collaborating and balancing the need for success with clients, partners and peers. Through mixed modes, he delivers impactful programs.


photo credit: Yao Hu at unsplash