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Taming our Talents

It is too easy to cut loose with our brilliance. 

However, it always has a time and place.  We all have them, our areas where we shine.  These talents have two sides to them though, just like a coin.  There is a link to being self-aware, which is hard to self-assess. 

Without self-control, we can’t accomplish almost anything of enduring value. And we rarely pay much attention to it.  Tony Schwartz

Just like in Back to the Future when Marty McFly, having gone back in time to visit his parents at their high school formal dance.  Playing with the band, he fits in well.  However, he can’t help himself and cuts loose, goes nuts with the guitar, destroying the group effort and making us laugh in the process of course. 

This is despite (in his time-1984) being told after a tryout at his high school (by Huey Lewis no less) that their rendition of The Power of Love is ‘too darn loud’.

There is a link to being authentic, often to be 100% ourselves of the time, failing to hang back and consider how we should show up in the moment. 

I am fortunate to work with many people so far as their talents, using the Gallup Strengths assessment as an effective way to delve into the way we look our work, communication and relationships.  It helps give us some common language to explore, to expand and to understand. 

When we delve into these powerful personal themes and how they combine to produce a unique picture, we see that sometimes these themes can be overused.  When we figure out what we are good at, perhaps we try these approached with everyone, falling into habit. 

A bit like having the same conversation repeatedly saying much the same thing.  We need a little control, to temper ourselves and to observe and consider. 

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