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I recently took the leap and got one.  Technology adoption can be two steps forward, one step back.  I was enthusiastic about it but wondered if the smart watch was overkill.  Work and exercise made me think otherwise.

We are such visual people, reliant on ourselves, yet often we don’t think about managing visually unless it is a critical area like safety.

Like traffic lights.

The alerts on your dashboard.

Or a bowling chart in Strategic Deployment.

So much of our language at work is about visibility, about being seen, discussing the optics, how things look. When we ask about someone, have you seen them? We might ask someone a question; with the response will be that they will ‘look into it’.

Now visual communication is a must-have skill for all managers, because more and more often, it’s the only way to make sense of the work they do. Berinato

GPS mapping

I was interested in how the maps would work with the GPS feature of the watch.  Though Scouting, we use Garmin eTrex units successfully and they had made me curious about better understanding my location on rides and hikes off road.



My intent was to better understand my exercise performance.  Further I sought to make sure that my heart rate was okay, at times with uphill cycles, my heart would be working away noticeably.

Now, I more consistently exercise, the dashboard gamifying my achievement.


What I learnt

My heart rate cycling was not a concern at all, I would routinely get into the 140s and if I pushed hard, the bottom of the 150s.  My budget based on my age is in the 170s.  So that is great.  When we are out riding it feels like we are making good progress in the 130s and 140s.  Pushing myself, however, not to destruction.



Almost never miss one now, as I don’t leave the watch lying around like my phone, usually set to silent.



I like to dodge UV, it is brilliant to be able to easily see the UV levels to look after my skin.

So too handy having the temperatures and the likelihood of rain



I have started wearing the watch for sleep tracking and using the haptic alarm.

I friend advised you can set an alarm based on your sleep cycles, I am still figuring this one out.

All of this adds up to something that I can visualise that is conveniently stuck to my body.  Giving me a lot of what I want from my progressively bigger and better phone.  Which is now too bulky and heavy for carrying all the time and is hard to look at in a pocket.

In other words, it is a great visual management tool. Like wearing a dashboard on my wrist.

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