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Sales Leadership and Self-Management

For those passionate about both solving customer requirements and leading a team, is an amazing role. Although sales leadership has never been easy, as organisations are increasingly increasing complex to engage in commercial relationships.

The function of sales is critical, organisations scale their businesses based on the revenue and the expected cost of sales in the future. Failure is always a clear and present danger that sales leaders face on an ongoing basis, potentially being one of the most visible and measurable of leaders in an organisation.

Increasingly, sales leaders are required to have knowledge and capability in analytical, strategic and emotional domains. The challenges are increasing and with them, an increasing sense of being overwhelm can prevail.

The first of four challenges explored is self-management.

Self-Management is essential and can be very challenging for Sales Leaders, knowing how they show up at work and their impact others. Behavioral issues are frequently discussed and coached. Aspects of self-management are important when dealing with:

  • Ambiguity, there is less certainty than ever, the environment less predictable, thus sales leaders are increasingly required to operate in unchartered territory more.
  • High distraction, through constant interruption, thus deep work, (popularised by the book), is extremely difficult to achieve.
  • Overwhelm can easily occur, especially with the multitude of approvals, emails and the need to meet with others.
  • The search for impact – for many sales leaders the increasing complexity and workload can be disempowering and demotivating.
  • Looking after health and wellbeing, we cannot expect our mental performance and health to be at our best, if we are not looking after ourselves physically, in addition to managing our mindset.
  • Balance, many sales leaders struggle to be present and engaged with family, children, extended family and friends.

​In my new discussion paper, we review the challenges and discuss a structure to understand and tackle them. Please feel welcome to read the paper through the following link: http://adamcallender.com/resources/resources/

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Please feel welcome to request my recent white paper that I wrote after meeting and interviewing many emerging and established leaders about their journey into leadership.

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