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What do business owners and leaders do right now?  Do they scale back or scale up?  Being in the middle of a tricky time right now, perhaps to scale back makes sense.   But what is your business is doing well, should you scale up?  Not all sectors have been hit like travel and events.

It’s interesting that even the businesses that I come across that are doing well since March are nervous about the future. Understandably, they worry about scaling up, waiting for growth to plateau, not sure if their industry likely to be part of sustain growth.

Needless to say, the disruption that we have experienced this year 2020 is unprecedented in our living memory.  So quite rightly business owners, business leaders are wary about making decisions especially ones that involve investment or spending.  However why should we waste a good recession?

Many people are reporting three months in that there are benefits with this Covid period.  They are enjoying the benefits of working from home, thinking clearer, being more critical about the meetings that they attend, not sitting in traffic and exercising more.  Sure, maybe eating more, maybe having the odd tipple, that sort of thing.

There is a great opportunity to seize the initiative, even while some sectors will be seeing poor trading conditions.  So, while there is an opportunity to look at what the options are.  If you are a leader or owner you’re looking at the landscape and thinking about what will take the business forward.  How will this period change my industry or change my business forever?

I think customer experience as an important part to play here, if you’re scaling back your business and compromising customer experience, that’s a problem.  Because it’s unlikely that your business will recover when your industry recovers.  How can you outperform the industry when so many are assessed on their service culture, their customer experience?

Thoughtful leaders and owners can be smart with their investment, control the costs for sure, spending money where it matters.  I believe where it matters right now is sustaining and bolstering the customer focus, keeping key employees motivated and developing them. Perhaps, they can step up a little, taking on a broader right broader role or a more strategic role.  Growing their engagement is an automatic kicker for productivity and customer success.

If your front line is happy and engaged despite this disruption and making the most of this time, customers will benefit.  Few people will put up with shouldn’t put up with substandard service.  Word of mouth and reviews are powerful.

Through my work with leaders and owners of disrupted businesses, we are engaging the hearts and minds of their experienced, their newest, their best and brightest.  Taking them through a process to reimagine how the business should emerge from this time of disruption and change.

To focus on where scaling up efforts makes sense, while scaling back in others and remaining steady.  It can take time; however sustained success rarely happens by accident.


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