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Key Metrics and Sales Leaders

Companies need strategies for helping sales leaders excel over time. Solutions require improving sales leader selection, development, and performance management, while creating a company culture that encourages sales leadership success. [1]

Sales Leadership is managing, leading and living through complexity and overwhelm. For those passionate about both solving customer requirements and leading a team, is an amazing role. Although sales leadership has never been easy, as organisations are increasingly increasing complex to engage in commercial relationships.

The function of sales is critical, organisations scale their businesses based on the revenue and the expected cost of sales in the future. Failure is always a clear and present danger that sales leaders face on an ongoing basis, potentially being one of the most visible and measurable of leaders.

Increasingly, sales leaders are required to have knowledge and capability in analytical, strategic and emotional domains. The challenges are increasing and with them, an increasing sense of being overwhelm can prevail.

In my new discussion paper, we review the challenges and discuss a structure to understand and tackle them.

Key Metrics – Sales Leaders need to be across a range of metrics daily. A multitude of data sources, and large amounts of daily information that assist with forecasting, forming insights with credible support is the key to navigating impromptu or planned reviews. Daily reviews can assist in real time counter measures, and communication efforts to manage expectations and understanding.

  • Performance and Accountability – Sales leadership entails plenty of performance measurement and accountability.
  • Using a CRM and a funnel, order tracking, a precursor to invoicing and revenue.
  • Validating Opportunities – bid / no bid decisions.
  • Forecasts: 30, 90 and 180 day picture for orders and invoicing.
  • Client management information, typically prospects, clients and opportunities are assessed in terms of the level of interaction required. Understanding the success or otherwise is crucial for sales leaders.
  • Expense management, sales activity is typically a considerable investment by an organisation.

In examining the model below, we see a range of success in terms of Sales Leaders getting across the data, reviewing and forming insights.

In my new discussion paper, we review the challenges and discuss a structure to understand and tackle them. Please feel welcome to read the paper through the following link: http://adamcallender.com/resources/resources/

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Please feel welcome to request my recent white paper that I wrote after meeting and interviewing many emerging and established leaders about their journey into leadership.

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[1] What Sales Leaders Need to Excel Over Time, Andris A. Zoltners , PK Sinha and Sally E. Lorimer, Harvard Business Review, January, 2019