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Remote Leadership

Separated physically from their colleagues, customers, and normal workplace, they find themselves alone with their computers, sporadically touching base remotely with those they used to see regularly. Many feel lost. Gino & Cable

Suddenly many people, who have never been able to, or never wanted to, are working from home to assist in stopping the spread of Covid-19.  In this paper we explore important issues and ways to address them, looking at leadership behaviours.

Remote Leadership Adam Callender May 2020

Unlocking Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership is managing, leading and living through complexity and overwhelm. For those passionate about both solving customer requirements and leading a team, is an amazing role. Although sales leadership has never been easy, as organisations are increasingly increasing complex to engage in commercial relationships.  The function of sales is critical, organisations scale their businesses based on the revenue and the expected cost of sales in the future. Failure is always a clear and present danger that sales leaders face on an ongoing basis, potentially being one of the most visible and measurable of leaders in an organisation.

Increasingly, sales leaders are required to have knowledge and capability in analytical, strategic and emotional domains. The challenges are increasing and with them, an increasing sense of being overwhelm can prevail.  In my new discussion paper, we review the challenges and discuss a structure to understand and tackle them.

Sales Leadership paper Adam Callender April 2020


Emerging Leaders.

Inspired through my practice and my work with Founders of start-ups and scale-ups with University incubators. I was fortunate, when developing this paper in 2019, to enlist the help of many C Level, senior and emerging leaders. I would like to thank all those that took time out for me to interview them. My interviews were largely conducted in Australia and New Zealand, with some further afield in Europe and Asia.

Emerging Leader whitepaper Feb 2020 Adam Callender


Legal Leaders.

Developing legal leaders can be challenging, however highly desirable. For many legal practitioners, their identify is closely linked to their profession. Reframing themselves as leaders is often difficult, as often they are expected to continue their client work, indeed to demonstrate that they are at the top of their game, plus take on leading and developing others.  Thus, this paper reviews their challenges, and opportunities in balancing their responsibilities.

Leading in Legal whitepaper Feb2020 Adam Callender