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Micro Ambitious

I have recently become a fan of David Tennant’s Podcast.  Recently, he interviewed Tim Minchin, David asks him about being Micro Ambitious, which caught my attention.

Tim rejects the idea of a unique life goal, but passionately pursues what is in front of him.  He avoids being distracted by the big picture.

What you think you want, is not what you want.  Fame and Adoration is not satisfying – the whole idea of having your name up in lights.  Humans hate thwarted expectations more than anything.

Tim had no sense of entitlement initially.  He has an insatiable need to prove himself to no one in particular.  Upon each achievement, he resets his goals, moving the goal posts.

This is a bit challenging for me, I am all about the big picture, the strategy.  Having said that, I do get what Tim is speaking about.  To be immersed in what we are doing, enjoying each moment as it presents itself.  That is brilliant, not delaying our fulfillment, but owning it now.  To be in a state of flow, written about in Cal Newport’s excellent book Deep Work.

Can we do both?

My work intuitively takes us into the future initially, then comes back to the here and now…It implies being ambitious this week, today, right now, at this time.

Thinking of a short but crucial event, like a game or a race.  We work through what is in front of us.  Small consistent steps in the right direction can build towards meaningful change, like that written about by James Clear in Micro Habits.

James Corden was interviewed earlier on David Tennant’s Podcast.  Where he describes his Kids, who don’t care about money, they only care that he is present and be the best version of himself.  All that matters is this moment now, instead of worrying about tonight or tomorrow.

What does my wife need me to be now?  She doesn’t need me to be tired and irritable.

Referring to the album Be Here Now by Oasis:

I thought it was a terrible album title, now I think it is the best album title ever. 

Aphinya Dechalert: The long game can be tiring and often leave us feeling lost and defeated with a sense that we’re not making enough progress. In part, it’s because we’re projecting too far ahead and waiting too long to experience that high you get from a win.  When we have micro-ambitious goals, we set ourselves up to consistently win. This puts us on a positive mindset, which can alter the way we view our reality. 

How would the people in our lives benefit from being more Micro Ambitious?

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