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What should my contribution be? Address three distinct elements: What does the situation require? Given my strengths, my way of performing, and my values.  How can I make the greatest contribution to what needs to be done? And finally, What results have to be achieved to make a difference? Peter Drucker

Especially as managers or leaders, but regardless of our role, our first responsibility is to manage ourselves.  To do this we must get great insights as to who we are and how we resonate with others.

Considering what does the situation require – it may mean that we have to take on tasks or work in situations where we are uncomfortable.

Thinking about strengths.  What we are good at, what we enjoy and don’t enjoy.  Ideally to focus on our talents and understand how we work best.  Working towards mastery by developing our strengths. Keeping an eye out for our bad habits and intellectual blind spots (that can manifest as ignorance or arrogance) and manage them.

Then checking in, to understand where should we apply ourselves?  What is the right fit for us in terms of role, culture, collaboration and purpose or mission.  This is not necessarily fixed over time.  We can find a role that we are happy with career long.  However, often this can change, indeed as work can change with roles being changed, replaced and consolidated.

Our careers can only be managed by us, as we establish what is important to us, our values – what is worthwhile?  How do I perform at my best?  We need to be clear on this, are we visual or auditory, reader, listener, note taker or talker – how do we learn best?

Working with others – very few people achieve results by themselves and rely on relationships.  Other people are as much individuals as ourselves are with their own strengths, learning styles and motivation.  In addition, taking responsibility for communication.

One of our children has discovered their talents in the sporting arena and now enjoys opportunities for sport at school even more than creative endeavors. Their success in sport after sport, means that they volunteer more and goes to school more confident and happier than ever.  Friendships broadened from getting to know others playing in the same team.  Relishing working as a team, with natural leadership capabilities.

I suspect that life can be like this for adults as well, trying new things.  Considering what our life can be at various points.  It is great to imagine as Peter Drucker did, to think about what we could do, to make a difference.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash​