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Leading is Giving Others the Opportunity to Decide

  • Think about what the challenge or opportunity is?
  • How do our options look?
  • What are the potential pitfalls?
  • Is this our proposal?
  • So, what is the best way forward?
  • How do you see the implementation?


People have to empower themselves. Your role is to encourage and support the decision-making environment, and to give employees the tools and knowledge they need to make and act upon their own decisions.  Marshall Goldsmith

All part of what is expected in leading others – right here, right now, providing assistance rather than resistance?

Questioning, helping to dig deep to what is involved, what is at stake.  Talking through different perspectives on the issue or opportunity.

Considering our approach and important considerations.  Exploring the options together, avoiding the quick fix or an opportunity to make a quick call.  Understanding the sources of uncertainty and what they could mean for us.

As a manager, a central part of your job is to train and develop people. This includes people who want to move into leadership roles, similar to yours, one day. When you take on the mindset of a trainer — instead of a manager delegating work — you will naturally look for ways to give a little more responsibility to the people who work for you. Art Markman

Key knowledge workers and managers that report to us expect to be able to be heard, to give us feedback and advice.  To be able to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge from being closer to the matter.  Not forgetting that business valuations have become much more aligned with that talents of its people.

Our role becomes one of ensuring safety.  Managing the risks, asking if it safe to create learnings through failure?  Ensuring our team feel safe to make the call and live with it.  Making sure that our stakeholders feel the same way.

All of which resonates with Dan Pink’s Drive and the need to connect with individual Purpose, work towards personal Mastery and enjoy a degree of Autonomy.

Still stacks up for me, how about you?

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