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Enthusiastic and quirky, seeking to enrich leadership and customer focussed topics through infusing real-life experience and research to his keynotes.


Areas Adam speaks includes:

•  Emerging Leadership

• Go to Market Strategy and Execution

• Start Ups & Scale Ups

• Developing our kids through talent

• Career Development

• Leadership Cultures

• The intersection of Business and Technology Strategy

• Leaving work suddenly through redundancy, business failure and dismissal.

• Executive wellbeing – looking after all of you to excel.


Emerging Leaders

Adam is passionate about developing Emerging Leaders, in making the transition from Individual Contributors to Leaders of peers and colleagues. It is critical that through this transition, that new managers and leaders receive the support and assistance they need.  The shift in skill set is massive and often underappreciated, especially in technical sectors like engineering, technology and building. 


Start Ups & Scale Ups

Adam speaks about his work Mentoring with Start-ups together with the UNSW 10X Program, USYD Incubate and in private Practice. 


Developing our kids through talent

Adam speaks about developing our children through finding their talents and leveraging those into confident young adults. Adam volunteers with his local Scouts Group and Sporting Clubs.


Career Development

Adam speaks about Career Development and stepping through inflection points in our career, navigating choices.


Leadership Cultures

There is a wide variety of leadership cultures, Adam has personally observed and analysed many.  He speaks about key differences and supporting the best culture possible in your organisation.


Business and Technology Strategy

Organisations today need coherent strategies about how the business relates to Technology. Adam explores key strategies and approaches from his teaching and personal leadership.


Leaving work suddenly

Adam speaks about dealing with and indeed surviving and thriving through a sudden change in your employment circumstances. Adam speaks from the experience as someone who has had three redundancies and coached many through such change.


Executive wellbeing

Many managers and leaders don’t look after themselves as well as they should. However, many successful leaders do and Adam looks at how and why they find success is strongly related to wellbeing.


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