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Emerging Leaders

What makes you successful as a high performing individual contributor, dosen’t mean the same when leading your old colleagues.  New skillsets are required, new mindsets and a broader perspective.  Ever met someone once successful in their role, however evolving into a micromanager and finding themselves overwhelmed as they can’t let others do the important stuff?


Learning how we show up, where our talents are and how best to leverage them.  Not loosing our authenticity, however understanding when to ask versus tell.  To guide, rather than instruct.

Adam has untaken extensive research and deliver of programs with emerging leaders to make this step a fulfilling one and the next more achievable.

Working with emerging leaders in technical markets, being passionate about balancing hard and soft skills to harness to talents of the individuals and team. Creating outstanding leadership through self-awareness, seizing and developing talents in others, collaborating and balancing the need for success with clients, partners and peers. 

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