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How can I help?

Adam helps emerging and established leaders and managers in technical organisations to make them effective through developing their skills in leading others, identifying and working with their talents. 

He can assist Emerging Leaders, Managers and Established Leaders with being effective in organisational life, navigating change, gaining clarity about their goals, building and leading high performing teams with engaged and successful members.

Further, developing B2B teams focussed on customer success ensuring that each person can be compelling and impactful with prospects and customers. 

Which service is right for you?

Adam works in six ways, he writes his own bespoke programs, modules, whitepapers and workbooks. Thus, Adam can provide an effective range of services:

1 to 1 solution

Coaching & Mentoring. Adam coaches & mentors established managers and leaders, emerging leaders and founders of start-ups.


Group Sessions

  • Facilitating and Training, usually a combination of the two in workshops, depending on the audience and the objectives of the program.
  • Group Coaching: Established Leaders
  • Group Mentoring Emerging Leaders
  • Remote sessions: live via Zoom/Skype and recorded video sessions.


Speaking at events about leading people, change and clients in technical markets. 


Mixed Mode

Often Adam delivers programs with a mix of the modes described above. 

Adam offers risk free methods of establishing if there is the right fit with a client, through trial sessions and the opportunity to explore the sort of work that he does presently and is well suited to. 


Enthusiastic and quirky, seeking to enrich leadership and customer focused topics through infusing real-life experience and research to his keynotes.


Typically, a six-month program with meetings monthly, based on the premise that Adam is experienced in the areas of interest to you.


Typically group sessions where knowledge is shared and contextualised, working with the material in a variety of ways to ensure all get the chance to understand and appreciate the content.


Adam facilitates workshops through guided discussion with the stakeholders to achieve agreed outcomes, encouraging contributions from all, to keep to time and stay on track.


Typically, an annual program that is solution orientated with meetings monthly, providing the accountability from regular sessions and communication between sessions.

Emerging Leaders

Adam assists in balancing hard and soft skills to harness to talents of the individuals and team.