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Clarity is often elusive, so far as what we seek to achieve and when we will take the necessary steps. This is because our brain tolerates a lot of ambiguity, we don’t tend to step through and really explore what is going on and how we wish to better manage ourselves, our careers and our lives.

Many of us lead demanding and complex lives, working through how best to manage them and to make the most of them takes consistent reflection, thought and application. 

Executive Coaching works with a range of people, from emerging leaders earlier in their career, those that are preparing for greater responsibility. Perhaps, those that have enjoyed a long and successful career, with plenty of learnings along the way, looking for further development and what is ahead. Those considering or are undertaking career transitions or looking for greater fulfillment. 

Getting to know ourselves better helps drive that clarity, which can feel like a weight being lifted from our shoulders. I know, as I have experienced this myself. Being coached has been absolutely key for me during key phases of my career. Stopping to question my goals, motivations and desired outcomes.  Helping how we impact others; our behaviours, often described as checking ourselves in the mirror.

Challenging oneself, as to what it is that I would like to do with this next phase?  Defining, exploring, understanding, each month stopping to assess if this new path is heading in the right direction. Am I getting the development, taking the right steps? It can take time, however, can be very fulfilling and help us unlock potential. 

Coaching can be either funded by the individual or sponsored by their business. I find assisting those that are curious about how they can better develop themselves, no matter what age and stage, has been an important and fulfilling direction in my career.

To kick things off, an initial complimentary coaching experience is available for those considering a coaching program to make the most of 2019 and beyond. Conducted via face to face or remotely, coaching can be considered a critical means to unlock our potential and realise our goals.