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Follow the Instructions?

Recently I pulled out a large Lego set that is difficult to display.  It is great to interact with our school age children doing things that we both enjoy.  Minecraft for some reason, doesn’t really cut it for me, its popularity has ebbed and flowed since 2012 when we first purchased it. 

So last Sunday, I unpacked the Taj Mahal, approximately 6000 pieces of plastic together with the three books of instructions, with some assistance from our youngest, until a friend of hers visited and Minecraft beckoned. 

I continued on and off, for much of the day, making great progress.  It gave me the opportunity to consider its benefits.  Models give us comfort of following the steps, a sense of progress, of being immersed in the detail.  

All of this made me think, perhaps our working lives are similar, following the daily patterns.  Essentially doing the same thing and getting the same result.

Challenging ourselves is rewriting the routines – perhaps starting anew.  In my work with business owners and leaders, future plans are often limited and usually unclear. Living in the moment makes sense, but the greatest successes are based on a vision of the future. 

Thus, if we don’t seek to follow the instructions, it could be a chance to rally around a new vision, made effective through planning and month by month targets. Roles made richer through exploring that mix of the business need versus where the talents and aspirations of the person lie.  Exploring how those talents could be realised.   

Uncertainty typically leads to inertia. Certainty can lead to decision making.  So, is it time to look at our situation, despite the present disruption and make plans? To rethink our routine.

Considering careers, this could mean expanding the horizon, making explicit plans. Five years or twenty-five? How long is a career now?  It can be beneficial to think beyond the current year, to play a longer game.

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Photo credit: Xavi Cabera on Unsplash