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Our youngest child late last year rediscovered her bike (her first off road bike) and discovered riding the bush trails near our home.  As a result, my Christmas gift was a matt black MTB (all I knew was that it had to have hydraulic disc brakes for my 6’4″ frame). This was a means for us to share the trails. 

Getting out together was fantastic, at one stage four of us were getting out together, with varying degrees of success. I very much felt like I had to relearn the art of riding a bike. 

 Fast forward 6 months and I am hooked. About 4 times a week, I am hitting the trails for approx. 45 minutes and have ambitions to ride more. Some days with the recent rain, I come home pretty messy which can add to the fun. I have certainly learned to keep my mouth shut through puddles and creeks to avoid a mouthful of whatever I am riding though.

Communication etiquette has been something I am continuing to work on. Using my bell to warn hikers has been good to get right as I get faster on my progress through the trails. I used to be one of them, the bike has renewed my appreciation for them.

Presently, the kids are not so keen. With the cooler weather and their sporting commitments mean that they are not always available for when I am seeking to ride, the solo journeys have provided a great opportunity for thinking and reflection. 

It is interesting to consider that many successful people attribute their exercise regime as integral to their success. I can see why, I absolutely do my best thinking on the bike, it has been shown that exercise helps cognition and I can feel it! Riding helps me get clarity on my priorities for the day.  Further it is really helpful with my program development, through daily interviews, research and writing. 

I have been more conscious of what I eat and the improved core strength has helped me in many areas, for instance, standing all day facilitating workshops and training, you need to be pretty fit!

Many leaders that I coach struggle to find time for a fitness regime, however there are so many great reasons to find the time. It really is life enhancing.