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Emerging Leaders

Why do organisations promote high performing individuals into roles leading others? Develop vs Recruit.

Hiring practices – It can be hard to recruit people with the exact experience desired in places like Australia, where people are tightly categorised. Retention – to engage and retain people of interest in the organisation, those higher performers can be the biggest flight risk. Cultural Fit – being promoted internally, means they have some understanding of business, culture and people. Cost – those promoted internally are typically paid less than hiring someone with the desired experience, typically 20% difference. Example – when internal promotion occurs, in can motivate those who aspire to lead others. Work ethic – emerging leaders often go above and beyond, rewarding the employer and leadership team. Loyalty – they serve the leader that promoted them, executing what is asked of them, rather than challenging.

Want to know more?

Please feel welcome to request my recent white paper that I wrote after meeting and interviewing many emerging and established leaders about their journey into leadership.

What I do

Adam works with emerging and established leaders in technical markets, being passionate about balancing hard and soft skills to harness to talents of the individuals and team. Creating outstanding leadership through self-awareness, seizing and developing talents in others, collaborating and balancing the need for success with clients, partners and peers. Through mixed modes, he delivers impactful programs.