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Disrupted Sales Process? Time for some Virtual Selling??

Business to Business sales (B2B) or large purchases like: consumer durables, cars or property have relied on face-to-face (F2F) sales. Because, F2F is expensive from a cost of sales perspective, when you think of a salesperson spending potentially hours with a prospect. However, it is most important, for these complex, infrequent, emotional sales.  With multiple stakeholders, key concerns can include efforts to understand budget, what should be spent, what it buys and how that fits with desired outcomes.

Therefore, we want to work with people that understand us, who want to help us make challenging decisions, who have the solutions available. Rapport helps us selling, understanding each other, helping us to communicating effectively.  We tend to buy from people that we like and are on the same page with.

Finding time to research and make decisions like these are a big undertaking. Travel times have put F2F selling under the spotlight as well from the customer perspective.  What can be done without spending hours/days visiting a showroom?

Through a whole means of information sources so that customers can make their purchasing decisions without being face-to-face.  In times of social distancing and concerns about viral transmission, we need to respond to this disruption. Fortunately, there are many tools at our disposal.

Many sales processes have only changed slowly, without taking full advantage of how virtual elements can help. How sales processes can be curated by a remote individual?  Steadfastly focussed on client needs, providing resources on demand, deftly anticipating and guiding the customer experience.

Finally, each step of the sales process can be separated and analysed to see if it can be done better. Now in April 2020 is a great time to find a better way, to make our sale processes future fit. Sales process and the quality of the client experience can be an important source of advantage. Now so more than ever.

Have you thought about how you can respond to challenges and opportunities with your business?