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Asking the right questions

Asking questions for me has always been a critical part of leading others. Taking a coaching focus has been an important way to develop knowledge workers, managers and leaders. I find the four types of questions listed in the article valuable, through the lens of the problem and the intent of the question.

In observing many high calibre leaders, we see their use of questions and questioning extremely effective.  In asking expert/knowledge worker what the best way for them is? They will invariably give a more insightful answer then we can.  Further, they then own the solution and we can set about seeking to further understand if it is achievable and what accountability is required.  

The four types are:
1. Clarifying to narrow & affirm,
2. Adjoining to widen & affirm,
3. Funneling to narrow for discovery,
4. Elevating to widen for discovery.

See for yourself:


Want to know more?

Please feel welcome to request my recent white paper that I wrote after meeting and interviewing many emerging and established leaders about their journey into leadership.

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